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June 30th, 2017

Working hard at the summer cabin

June went past so quickly. In the past years, June has been a month that Finland gradually settles into holiday mode, as the traditional Finnish holiday season starts in midsummer. Recently, the holiday starting dates have been moving towards central European tradition and this week was one of the busiest I’ve ever had. Fortunately due to good things only.

When I’ve not been in working in Exove, I’ve been busily doing minor construction work and wood chopping at our summer cabin in Lohja. The cabin itself has been ready for a year, and now the builders are working on the sauna by the lake.

We have focused our efforts to the yard, planting plants and bushes, hauling rocks to the shore to stop erosion and make it look better, and cleaning the place after construction workers. And yes, I’ve been chopping a lot of wood lately. My shoulders have been on fire at the evenings, but the results and also the workout has been worth of it.

No travel, though. My holiday starts next week on Thursday, and I’ll have a short 22 hour cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn and back with the kids. Sanna will go to a knitting festival (or something) in Jyväskylä, so I’m alone with the kids the whole extended weekend. The kids have been yearning to go to a cruise ship, so it will be mostly an adventure tailored for them.

The first full week of the holiday will be spent in Helsinki Cup, both boys are playing there for a few days. After that we go to Tartu, Estonia, for a few days. I’m surprisingly excited about that trip, even if it so close and only for four days.