Sep 30, 2017 Life, Technology:

DrupalCon Vienna

I spent the best part of this week in DrupalCon Vienna – annual European gathering of people working with Drupal CMS.

The trip started already on Sunday with me and number of other European Drupal business and community leaders participating in Drupal Association’s strategy summit. I could participate only on Sunday due to both family items on Saturday and by booking so cheap flight ticket that it could not be changed. Anyhow, the discussion was good and a lot of progress was made.

On Monday I participated briefly in business summit and gave a talk about participating in IT associations in Finland and what my company Exove has got out of that. Had a very interesting discussion after the session and people come back to me on the topic also later the week – so it was most probably a successful presentation.

The rest of the day was spent in the community summit to discuss the future of European DrupalCon. The event is making loss in the current format and things need to change in order to have continuity for the event. Finally, I popped over to Acquia partner day for a few hours of extensive discussion about their roadmap, marketing, and sales. After their evening dinner I was well done and decided to retreat back to the hotel.

Tuesday was the keynote by Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal project. I and Michel van Velde from OneShoe, the Netherlands, have been working hard with our teams to survey the business landscape of Drupal companies. We shared the results with Dries, too, and I was thrilled to see some topics we pointed out in the keynote. It also felt good to see Exove’s logo on the slides.

The rest of the day was spent in various meetings and in the evening there was opening reception in the sponsor area. Again, I had spent all my energy and the bed in my hotel room felt so sweet.

Wednesday was very similar day, except that we had a meeting of the future of the event among a group selected by Drupal Association. I felt proud to be part of that group and will do my best to ensure a good future for the event.

The culmination of the week was the annual Drupal CEO Dinner that I and Michel have been organising for several years. The evening focused on good food in a good company, and possibility to speak freely with your peers from other companies. We also went through the Drupal business survey further during the night, and had in general good time.

I slept in on Thursday morning and run various items forward back in Finland – in other words, spent my time in Slack discussing and guiding people. Thursday is always a bit more relaxed day in DrupalCon, I popped over to marketing sprints, event future discussions, and other smaller topics before the closing session.

I am proud to say that the community pulled off quite a feat during the few days. There will be no DrupalCon Europe in 2018, as the Drupal Association will need some time to find the best concept for 2019 and onwards. Instead, Drupal Europe will fill that gap – organised by the community for the community. I am very proud to be in both of these movements.

The busy week ended – for me, others continued in coding sprints on Friday – with a volunteer dinner. I’ve been working to organise the event among a lot of other people for better part of this year, and it was nice to see most of them in the dinner. Some of them I knew from the past, but made also a lot of new acquitances.

Friday was travel day. I got to the Vienna airport early on, the idea was to go to lounge to work. Unfortunately, the lounges were all before the security control and I found that after queueing through. Fortunately, there is free wifi on the airport, so I could do my mails before boarding the plane.

This week has been one of the most memorable experiences in DrupalCon and in business in general. Maybe due to my grown involvement in doing things or then everything just clicked. Or both.


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