Nov 30, 2017 Life, Travelling:

Slushy season in Finland

November is the hardest month in Finland – it is cold, dark, and wet. And when it is not raining, there is sleet coming from the skies and slush on the ground. The Finnish name of the month – ‘marraskuu’ – means the month of the death. Isn’t that lovely?

Anyhow, the weather outside has made our family to look for trips to sunnier places, but unfortunately we haven’t found any yet. Maybe all the other Finns are doing the same and thus there is no point to lure anyone with offers, as all trips will be sold anyhow.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were both quite disappointments, no decent offers anywhere.

Instead of going to south, we decided to head to north once again in Easter. We booked eight nights in Ylläs and will travel there using night train to Rovaniemi and then driving the rest of the trip. The car will travel in the train, too.

Our usual landlord had sold out the whole inventory, and I sort of panicked to find a new flat. Fortunately the new flat is on a higher floor and the rent is cheaper. Sometimes it is good that you are forced to look around.


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