Dec 22, 2017 Life, Travelling:

Christmas time in North Carelia

We’ve been spending the last few Christmas seasons at our home, but this year decided to go to my parents in North Carelia. After spending the first night in Polvijärvi at my younger sister’s old room, I strongly feel that we made the right choice. After a hectic autumn, the tranquility here is just awesome. Also, there is so much of snow here that it feels refreshing after slush, sleet, and rain in Helsinki.

We plan to go downhill skiing in Koli for a day on Christmas Day and just hang around with the family for the rest of our stay. We’ll drive to Taivalkoski to Sanna’s parents on the day after Boxing Day. The plan is to drive to Ruka and Iso-Syöte for a couple of days of skiing. And finally we will drive to Oulu for New Year and then back to Helsinki.

During this trip, I’ll pop over to my company’s Oulu office for a couple of days to keep things on rolling – the end of the year has a lot of actions required due to closing of the books. But other than that, I’ll try to keep my eyes off from work.


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