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October 23rd, 2014

Autumn travels

I’m alive and well from DrupalCon. I must say that it was quite a trip, as usual. Six days of constant interaction with developers and business people takes its toll. I was hosting a panel and also a customer dinner on Tuesday and after I got these most important tasks done, I promptly fell sick. Fortunately, I had fever only during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, and could get myself in a decent shape with help of ibuprofen. Not the smartest thing to do, but there were no better choices. Had no after effects or anything, so I wasn’t too sick.

After Amsterdam, I’ve visited Oulu once and will go there again at the end of November to meet clients and of course Exove’s staff in the city – there will be also a Christmas party. I will go at least once to Tallinn, for Christmas party with our Tallinn staff. And then to London late next week, to meet customers, partners, and our new UK representative.

And in December, our family flies to New York for Christmas. We’ve rented an apartment in DUMBO area (southwest Brooklyn, very close to Manhattan) from AirBNB. My first time ever using AirBNB, so I’m excited to see what’s waiting for us. The reviews of the place have been very positive, so it should be good.

We’ve already planned our couple first days, as we need to prepare for Christmas dinner, and not all traditional Finnish delicacies are readily available in the States. Fortunately, there is an IKEA store quite nearby – as some traditional stuff is actually imported from Sweden, we can buy those from IKEA. The rest needs to be bought from Dean & DeLuca – most probably will cost a small fortune, but hopefully is worth it.

I’ll write more about our trip later.

April 28th, 2013

Visited Barcelona

I popped over to Barcelona a couple weeks ago to join other Drupal agencies in Drupal CXO event. As usual, the days were filled with good conversations, a lot of old and new friends, and Drupal related business. The warm weather and the excellent food — especially on the first lunch — set this CXO apart from the two others I’ve visited.

I’ve been in Barcelona for a couple of times before and I really dig the city. This time, however, I had around 30 minutes time to stroll in the city center before joining the CXO dinner. I was — and still somewhat are — fully booked due to a couple of clients, so I spent most of my times either in the CXO or coding at my hotel. I also coded all the time I could while flying through Dortmund to Barcelona and Frankfurt to Helsinki. I did meet the deadlines, so it was worth of it.

August 8th, 2008

Visited TripSay launch party

A new travel service with Web 2.0 twists was launched yesterday. Check it out at for more information.

I happen to know a couple persons in the company behind the service, and have been discussing with them about the system along the years. Yesterday there was a launch party in their premises, located in the design district of Helsinki.

Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time to mingle with all friends and acquittances, but meeting people even for a small amount of time was uplifting — need to do more of that in the future.