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December 21st, 2015

December Travels

I’ve been travelling somewhat during December and with good reasons – been celebrating Christmas and ending of the year with my company’s staff.

My first stop was Tampere, a couple hours car drive north from Helsinki. So, it was just a short trip – but quite eventful. We ended debugging one of systems we’ve been developing for a client of ours while driving back to Helsinki. Fortunately, Finland has excellent 4G coverage and work could continue the whole time.

The next place was Tallinn. One can pop over there from Helsinki in a day, but I had more errands to run, so I spent one night in the beautiful city. Of course, being on a business trip I focused on either my meetings or my laptop.

The last leg was Oulu. This was a bit more special, as I took my middle child with me. He and his cousin are of same age and play very well together. So, I entertained him for a few hours while working before his cousin’s family picked him up. I spent my night there, too, and then met some friends over their house. All in all, very relaxing trip.

We will spent Christmas home, my parents are coming to stay for a few nights.

November 27th, 2015

eZ Conference 2015

I spent a week in Brooklyn, NY, to attend to eZ Conference 2015 in early November. A lot of things have happened after that trip, including Drupal 8 release party in Helsinki and DrupalCamp, both of them requiring quite a lot of my attention.

Anyhow, I flew in to New York with Finnair. Unfortunately, it was an older airplane and not the brand spanking new A350. But the flight was easy and also the waiting time in USA border control was tolerable.

I had booked an apartment through AirBnB, as it is way less expensive than a hotel, even for a single person. My apartment had a separate bedroom, quite big living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The neighbourhood was a bit rough looking and not in a positive way, but it looked worse than it was. There were plenty of grocery stores and small restaurants nearby, so my needs were well covered.

I had a session about bringing meaning to your life with open source at the conference and thus I arrived a couple of days earlier to get rid of jet lag. I strolled around Manhattan and bought various items that I and my family had listed as must-have purchases.

Besides that, I found myself so tired from previous weeks that I read books and surfed the Internet. I had to do some work, especially in the mornings when people were working in Finland.

The conference started on Wednesday morning with a half-day eZ Systems global partner meeting. It was refreshing to discuss with companies around the world how they run their business with eZ Publish.

The conference took a day and half. My session went well — at least I think so — and I received quite an amount of positive feedback after the session. The conference was in Williamsburg, so I wandered around during breaks and ate one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the restaurant.

The conference ended with a good party. And the party was even better after I found out that our company won two prizes: the best new partner and the best new blogger. Ixonos won third award, so Finland grabbed three out of nine awards. Not bad.

I left Brooklyn on Friday afternoon and was back at home on Saturday morning. Quite tired, but very satisfied. Would like to go again soon, but unfortunately there is no real need, and no time to have a holiday. Instead, I spent two days in London on business — nice trip, too.

June 25th, 2012

Summer plans

Once again, summer is here and soon it is time for annual holidays. The spring has been so busy that I haven’t been able to make almost any plans at all, but now it is a good time.

We boug a summer cottage last week, so one week goes there cutting down the trees and other foliage. The lot has been unattended for half a decade, so there’s plenty to do. My parents arrive for a few days, so I’ll work on the trees with my dad.

Another week needs to be spent in Finland. We have made plans to go to Taivalkoski, to see Sanna’s parents, and then we’ve reserved a short trip to a new spa in Lappeenranta, near Finnish-Russian border.

This leaves one week of my holiday (I’m using only three of the usual four now) for something else, but what? I’ve been dreaming on going to New York, but haven’t been able to actualise the plans. On the other hand, it could be nice not to do anything. Options, options…

March 9th, 2011

DrupalCon in Chicago

I’m writing this in DrupalCon Chicago, while waiting the next presentation to start. Today is the first day of the conference, yesterday I participated in a CXO event that was, bluntly put, pretty worthless for me. Most of the stuff discussed were either rehashing my current knowledge or not relevant to me as an European.

During these two days, I’ve made the following observations:

  • I always forgot how many Americans have too big clothes, typically two sizes larger they should be. On the other hand, there has been some really nicely fitting clothes on more people than earlier — I find the development strangely comforting.
  • The amount of shirts with collars (I mean real collars, not polo shirts) has been surprisingly high for a tech conference. Some people have even ties — and no, they are not waiters.
  • Whenever I’m in a Drupal event outside Finland, someone — a lady — tells me that I look like Mark Wahlberg. This time I had to check what the guy looks like, and I found out that he’s more handsome, taller, and has better abs than me. Still, I’m grateful about those comments.

While not in the conference, I’ve been strolling around the city or hanging around the hotel — Trump International. I’ve found the city pretty pleasant and windy, quite industrial in its style. The hotel has been really nice, except for the bed that is way too soft — I feel that I’ve slept in a ‘V’ shape.

July 6th, 2010

And the heat goes on

We’ve been on holiday for a few days in Northern Carelia, in my parents cabin by the lake. The weather has been fantastic, constant sunshine from cloudless sky. Temperature is hovering constantly above 25C. Yes, pretty good times.

Our boys have got company from their cousins, and there are five kids five years or less of age. They are somewhat disturbing the peace and quietness of our holidays… Fortunately, they have been able to play together without too much adult supervision.

December 2nd, 2009

To London

Tomorrow I’ll leave to London for a couple of days with my family. The programme includes a few meetings, shopping, good food, and hopefully also a lot of sleep — the latter has been in a short supply during this week.

We have two full days to spent there, so the plans are really low-key. One day for shopping, and then visit to London Transport Museum. Probably this is as much as (or even more than) the boys can cope with. Fortunately, they are eagerly waiting for visit to Hamleys.

November 8th, 2009

Mac troubles

I’ve been a happy Mac user for more than three years now. During that time, there has been seldom any issues with the computers, and compared to the Windows experience, using computers has been a bliss.

Until yesterday evening. When I woke up my MacBook Air from sleep, it was extremely slow, like it was running in 10% of the power available. Finally, I had to do a hard boot on the laptop. It was still slow, so I had to boot it again with the power button. Then it got itself in order and was its responsive self.

This kind of incidents, of course, make me worrysome for the data. I’ve been backing up my laptop with Time Machine, and I plugged in the portable hard drive as soon as possible. The backup took ages. I finally left the computer to do its magic and went to sleep. Only to find out that the backup had failed.

I’ve continued my sage today, running Time Machine almost constantly — it is still running, and it is almost midnight. The computer slows down now and then, but the backup seems not to go anywhere. And being an Apple OS, there is not that much of helpful information on the Time Machine dialogs. It is either “preparing backup”, “backing up” or failed.

I need to dig up some more data, and try to pinpoint the failure. Until then, I probably left the system to run the backup every night until the problem is found, or the backup succeeds.

October 18th, 2009

Picasso at Ateneum

The art museum Ateneum has been hosting a big Picasso exhibition for a while, and last weekend we got a spark (from a friend) to visit the show. Today was the day. After gently waking Niilo up from his nap, we got everyone dressed, out of the door, and to Helsinki city center.

Ateneum enjoys an excellent location in Helsinki, next to the central railway station, and thus it is easily accessible from all directions. They was a queue already outside — something that rarely happens in Finnish museums — and it took about fifteen minutes to get in and pay the fare. We met our friends while queuing, and their presence probably toned the boys down a bit; Aapo is not that fond of strange people…

The exhibition was crowded, too, but fortunately not overly so and you could enjoy the works. I was walking with Niilo and his stroller while Sanna took good care of Aapo. Our friends enjoyed much bigger freedom of movement, as we were only ones that have kids. That said, boys behaved really well, and Aapo showed some interest in the works, too. Niilo was just happy to sit in the stroller or climb on the chairs.

The works of art are from Paris — the museum there is being renovated and the collection is loaned to other museums during that time — and it was a good retrospective throughout Picasso’s career. There were numerous paintings for all his artistic eras, and a good amount of sculptures, too.

We visited also a cafĂ© on the third floor, and then the boys vent off their steam by running and fightning. Nothing major, but Sanna decided to take them to a walk — that ended into a playarea built in the museum. The rest of the museum tour consisted of Finnish modernists and some more traditional Finnish art.

If you are visiting (or living in) Helsinki, do pop over to Ateneum while the works of Picasso are there.