Money for Nothing and Your Chicks for Free?
Travelling is a time and money consuming affair. Travelling on a shoestring might be an experience, but I prefer the buffers provided by enough wealth.

If you don’t have any sponsors, such as rich relatives, a share of well-doing company, or a lot of dough invested wisely, you have to work hard to travel hard.

There are basically two choices for earning the money: a) you work hard before the trip and then relax off or b) you work hard during the trip and relax by enjoying what you’re doing. The first choice is the most common, and it’s practiced virtually by every tourist. The second option is sort of harder, as there are all kinds of obstacles for working on the road.

In the age of Internet you could also put the net to work for you. If you have something to sell — intellectual capital, brand or just normal stuff — you could be well off on the road. This requires, of course, some investments to the foundations, but it’s worth of it. And if you don’t have anything worth buying for, you can always be a reseller or an affiliate. casts light on these subjects and teaches you how you can try to set yourself free.