Docking Station for Digital Nomads
Welcome to, the safe harbour for the wanderers of the world!

This site is for you, if you dream on leaving and never returning; get overly excited about different gadgets and e-services; think that you may roam without compromising your style and clothes; want to earn enough money to be able to cut your financial ties.

The Purpose and Everything is an optimistic attempt to create a community for people interested in urban nomadism in the information age.

The site provides helpful information in three sections that deal with the different aspects of modern travelling in nomadic manner. The site is not intended for your general travelling portal and it’ll surely let you down on that aspect. Instead, use it as an idea generator and maybe get that extra spark to start your personal roaming journey.

The aims are also partially commercial. The site is an acid test for the theory that you can earn your living through the Internet. The commercial aspects are kept in the background, more subdued than obtrusive, and thus the test is even harder. Anyhow, keep in mind that some links of the site may be affiliated.