I’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and my answers on this page.


Which CMS do you use?
I’m using WordPress with heavily extended templates. The reviews system is a separate front-end to provide a different view to the entries in the WordPress database. The photo gallery and e-cards are separate pieces of software, implemented by me. All code is PHP.

If you are interested in these software pieces, they are sold by Hohde Visual (In Finnish only, sorry) — except for the Nomadig.com specific parts, such as reviews front-end. I can give you a quotation on request.

What does “Nomadig” mean?
The word doesn’t mean anything in English, it’s a combination of nomad and digital. From Google, I’ve understood that “nomadig” is a word in Cymru language.


What is the secret of your awesome photos?
As usual, there is no “secret” per se — just hard work and countless hours of walking with the camera, waiting something spectacular to appear.

There is beauty everywhere around us, all the time. You just need to get to the zone that you look everything from a photographic angle. Then the world suddenly starts to blossom in front of your eyes.

On technical level, I’ve retouched the photos in Photoshop to correct the levels, deepen the colours (if required), resized the image and finally sharpen the resized image.

What equipment do you use?
I used to shoot with FujiFilm S1 until September 2004. Then I bought my current camera, Nikon D70. I’ve been extremely satisfied with both cameras.

My current lens is an all-around lens from Sigma. Nothing spectacular, costed some 400 USD but it’s good enough for me. I have a variety of Nikkor lenses, but nowadays I seldom change the lens, as I want to protect the cell from dust and other particles.


May I use your ShortStat fixes?
Sure, go ahead. All of them are licensed under GPL (General Public License). In fact, as the original ShortStat was released under GPL, I don’t have any other choice for the license — unless I ask a new license from Shaun Inman.

Do you have Shaun Inman’s permission to change ShortStat?
I don’t have to have a permission, as Shaun licensed the software under GPL. I have all the rights to change and distribute the software as a like. The only restriction imposed by the license is that I cannot relicense the software and I have to provide source code for all changes that I’ve made and distributed.

Note that ShortStat is not longer officially supported and there are other similar stat programs available.