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Restaurant, Milan, Italy (reviewed 2007)

Al Galileo – Inexpensive and delicious

Al Galileo was the cheapest pizza restaurant that we encountered during our stay in Milan. It was also the best, one of the friendliest and also very fast -- albeit being fast might be explained with the fact that we were the first (and by then only) customers in the restaurant. It had just opened i... More >

Restaurant, Milan, Italy (reviewed 2007)

Al Treno di Mezzanotte – A rip-off

The small alleys near Via Pontaccio (and Lanza metro station) are filled with restaurants with opportunities for al fresco dining (outdoors), as their patios expand to the street. We loved the atmosphere of the area, but went to the wrong eatery.

Al Treno Di Mezzanotte looks ok restaurant, and th... More >

Restaurant, Hua Hin, Thailand (reviewed 2007)

Amadeus – Bland Thai and some European food

For some reason or another, Hua Hin is filled with European owned restaurants -- maybe the owners are running from old country's tax officials or they have committed some hideous crimes and need to be on the large in Asia.

Anyhow, Amadeus is one of these -- an Austrian and Thai restaurant. An int... More >

Restaurant, Oulu, Finland (reviewed 2005)

Amarillo – Good enough fusio-Mexican

Amarillo is a centrally located fusio-Mexican restaurant and night club on Rotuaari in Oulu. Amarillo is a chain of restaurants around Finland, operated by the co-operative S-Group. Usually (and as in Oulu), they can be found at Sokos Hotels.

Amarillo has a wide variety of menu items from the bot... More >

Restaurant, Jyväskylä, Finland (reviewed 2009)

Amarillo – Okay tex-mex

Amarillo is a tex-mex restaurant chain owned by the Finnish retail giant SOK. They are found in every bigger city in Finland, and they do resemble each other in every sense. Usually, they present the only tex-mex choice in the city -- Chico's is not considered as an option here. Fortunately, the con... More >

Restaurant, Palo Alto, CA, USA (reviewed 2005)

Andalé – Just okay Mexican fare

Andalé is a small, but busy Mexican restaurant on University Avenue in Palo Alto. The food is basic tex-mex food with some hints of authentic Mexican cuisine (read: beans in every portion -- you can ask your meal without them, too).

The restaurant itself is very noisy, so the smallish patio faci... More >

Restaurant, Palo Alto, CA, USA (reviewed 2009)

Babbo's – Hearty American-Italian

Despite Babbo's not so welcoming entrance in Stanford shopping center, the restaurant is worth a visit to have a lunch while shopping. I would not go there as a sole destination, but it works more than well in a casual lunch or dinner joint.

The food is Italian with some American influence. Surpr... More >

Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium (reviewed 2010)

Babeko – Good food in relaxed atmosphere

Babeko is a bistro style restaurant in the centre of Brussels, located among other similar kind of restaurants. I visited the place during a conference trip, as the first night dinner was hosted there.

The food was good, and the service was relaxed in a positive way -- no fuss, no hassle, just wo... More >

Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed 2004)

Bar Tapasta – The best tapas in the town

The best Tapas in Helsinki are served in this small joint in Uudenmaankatu. Bar Tapasta cannot sit more than twenty people and you have to either reserve a table, come early or eat on the bar (not bad option).

Bar Tapasta has a few main dishes every day and over ten different tapas. If you are re... More >

Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed 2006)

Basilica – Fresh Italian

Basilica is a good Italian restaurant that is unfortunately located somewhat far away from the Helsinki city centre, in Lauttasaari and in Ruoholahti. The Lauttasaari restaurant, 3-4 kilometers from the railway station, is the original and oldest. They have just opened a new restaurant in Ruoholahti... More >

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