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Alcatraz – Not your basic prison

Alcatraz is one of the most famous penitentiaries in the world. Located a rock island in middle of San Francisco bay, just north of the downtown, the prison has held several well-known crooks, such as Al Capone and Robert Franklin Stout ("Birdman of Alcatraz").

The cool waters and currents in the... More >

Worth of Visit, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed 2006)

Ateneum – Finnish masters

Art museum Ateneum is the best place to spend an afternoon, if you are interested specificall in "Finnish golden age", or are a fan of art from the 19th century in general.

The museum boasts over 20,000 works of art. Of course, only a fraction of them are on the exhibition -- but the most famous ... More >

Worth of Visit, Berlin, Germany (reviewed 2005)

Berlin Jewish Museum – Memoirs of holocaust and diaspora

Berlin Jewish Museum goes through the tragic history of Jews in Germany and around the world. The large exhibition goes through the old customs, beliefs and traditions of both Jews and non-Jews from the middle-ages to the current day.

The basement of the museum has exceptional spaces for conceptu... More >

Blue Lagoon – Blue dip

Blue Lagoon is an epitome of Iceland: middle of nowhere, cold air, hot water and nice overall service.

The lagoon is a nature formation that has been improved a little by people. The water is really warm, some would say that it's hot - and the temperature changes suddenly in the lagoon. The place... More >

Worth of Visit, Boston, MA, USA (reviewed 2009)

Boston Commons – Walk in the park

Boston Commons is a green oasis in the middle of the city. Well-manicured grass areas, clean paths and some water elements help stressed city dwellers and tourists alike to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Boston downtown. There are benches here and there, and a lot of trees to provide sha... More >

Worth of Visit, Berlin, Germany (reviewed 2005)

Brandenburger Tor – In the middle of everything

Brandenburger Tor is a typical monument for big cities from late 18th century. It used to be a part of the city wall that surrounded Berlin (not to be confused with the Berlin Wall), and now it is the only thing that has survived.

During cold war, the gate was the symbol for the divided Berlin, s... More >

Cable Cars – From Downtown to Wharf and Back

Before the modern cars, San Francisco public transport was handled by cable cars. As the hills are steep in the residential area in the city, normal light train systems cannot be used. The cable cars move by grabbing a constantly moving cable that runs below the street level between the tracks. When... More >

Caicos Tours – Semi-submarine trip

Fancy coral reefs are one major attraction in Providenciales. However, if you are not into diving, you are not able to visit the reefs -- unless you take an excursion with semi-submarine boat.

As the name implies, the boat is partially submarine vessel that has seating at the bottom with underwat... More >

Worth of Visit, Milan, Italy (reviewed 2007)

Castello Sforzesco – Castle charm

As most old cities, Milan has also an ancient castle that has been the symbol of power and military strength -- nowadays known as Castello Sforzesco. The castle is located next to Cadorna railway station (Stazione Ferrovie Nord Milano), easily accessible from Cadorna and Cairoli metro stations.

T... More >

Worth of Visit, Tallinn, Estonia (reviewed 2006)

Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky – Orthodox cathedral

The cathedral of Alexander Nevsky sits on a formidable hill in Toompea, in the Tallinn old town. Built by Russian in year 1900 when the Russian empire actively increased Russian influences on its outer edges. The cathedral is impressive both inside and outside. If you have not yet visited an Orthodo... More >

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