Accommodation, Rovaniemi, Finland (reviewed April, 2012)

Scandic Rovaniemi – Basic accommodation

Rovaniemi has surprisingly many hotels for the size of the city — it is probably due to the number of people that come there to see Santa Claus.

I was travelling on business matters, so I had to skip meeting Mr. Claus, and focus on the essentials instead. I got a pretty good deal from local Scandic, a big room with a sauna. When I opened the door of the room, I found out the reason for the price: window was towards the hotel atrium and the restaurant. Not the best view, unless you’re charmed with balding Finnish men strolling around the restaurant and the lobby…

The rest of the room was just ok. Scandic fortunately includes free wifi to all rooms and price categories, so I could focus on working. The sauna was decent, maybe even good in category of hotel saunas. It would fit two person, so I had plenty of space for myself.

The overall feeling of the place was a bit rundown, fortunately except for the bed that was in top-notch shape. The location of the hotel is central, and there’s plenty of shopping possibilities around., Koskikatu 23, Rovaniemi, Finland, +358 16 460 6000


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