Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed January, 2007)

Postres – Delicious delicacies

Postres is a quite young restaurant that has skyrocketed to the group of top notch restaurants in Helsinki. Run by a few young and talented chefs and other restaurant professionals, the joint has made its mark to Helsinki restaurant scene.

Postres on Esplanadi in Helsinki
The menu is based on sets only. In other words, there’s no √† la carte list. You can select from three different full menus — seven, five or three dishes — or have a four dessert menu (yes, you read it right; just desserts and nothing else). Wines can be ordered by glass or bottle, or then you can have a specific wine menu to accompany the selected meal menu. The food is excellent, and the desserts just delicious.

The service we got was the best ever in Helsinki. Our son was just about a year, and he was treated like a real guest and not just an extension of mother. All of wishes were satisfied and the staff was also proactive towards us and our son. A real gem among Finnish restaurant service.

The place is usually packed, so reserve your table a few days or a couple of weeks beforehand. Try to get a window table, as the views to Esplanadi Park are magnificent especially on summer nights and crispy winter days in February., Eteläesplanadi 8, Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 663 300


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