Shopping, San Francisco, CA, USA (reviewed October, 2005)

Discount Camera – For all your camera equipment needs

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, Discount Camera is a paradise for purchasing new apparel. They stock all major camera and lens brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta, and Sigma. Both film and digital cameras are available. Also SLR and compact models are stocked, as well as spare parts — very handy if you have lost lens cap or the rubber thingy around the viewfinder. They stock used lenses, too.

The service is professional and knowledgeable. They do not try to force you to buy anything, so the pace of shopping is leisurable. The prices are a bit higher compared to online shopping, but you get the stuff with you immediately. And of course, you can try the items in the shop — they, for example, lend cameras for testing lenses.

The store is located a few blocks from Union Square. Don’t let the a bit scruffy neighbourhood confuse you, the shop is really worth of a visit when there is need to purchase new equipment., 33 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, +1 415 392 1100


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