Accommodation, Milan, Italy (reviewed August, 2007)

Grand Hotel Verdi – Grand rooms

Grand Hotel Verdi offers big rooms for reasonable prices. Our room was twice the size of a standard European hotel room, and triple the size of a standard London hotel room. For Americans, the room wouldn’t be huge, just big. This combined with an excellent breakfast (especially when compared to breakfasts in other Italian hotels), their offer was hard to beat.

Grand Hotel Verdi in Milan, Italy
The hotel is located next to Corso Como, so there are a few good restaurants nearby. There is also a nicely stocked supermarket just behind the hotel building, so your basic needs should be well catered. Going to Duomo or the golden triangle of fashion, you need to take a metro from Garibaldi or Repubblica, a few hundred meters from the hotel.

The service in the hotel was excellent, the staff were knowledgeable and they checked all kind of things for us from the Internet and over the phone., Via Melchiorre Gioia 6, Milan, Italy, +39 02 623 71


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