Accommodation, West Hollywood, CA, USA (reviewed August, 2009)

The London West Hollywood – Grande suite dreams

The London West Hollywood is a luxury suite hotel located in a quiet neighbourhood in West Hollywood, not far from the Walk of Fame or Beverly Hills.

The London West Hollywood facade

The hotel has excellent service — I’ve never been surrounded by so many bellmen when arriving the hotel. A couple of guys will take of your car, another pair handles your luggage, one escorts your family to the lobby — and brings cold water for all and cookies for children. The check-in is very swift and courteous, and you will find yourself in your room in no time.

And what a room we’ve got. The room was huge, there was a small kitchenette and a balcony on the other end, then very large sitting area, a luxurious and sizable bed, then a row of cupboards, and finally a bathroom with two showers and very plush robes. The amenities were top-notch — their shampoo was better than I’ve been able to find back home.

There is a pool area on the top floor with a heated pool, an open-air gym, a lot of places to lounge around, and a bar with excellent service. A few floors down, there is another spacious terrace for more peace and quiet.

The London West Hollywood pool area

The hotel restaurant is run by Gordon Ramsay, who has currently (2009) 12 Michelin stars. We didn’t try the restaurant, so I cannot say more about the food. Besides that, there are a few caf├ęs, restaurants and convenience stores near the hotel. For other services, you need to take your car., 1020 N San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, USA, +1 310 854 1111


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