Restaurant, Berkeley, CA, USA (reviewed August, 2005)

Eccolo – Not the best Italian

Located in a remodeled area on Fourth Street in Berkeley, Eccolo is a Italian fusion restaurant. The building looks like a converted craftshop or small factory, and it is surrounded by a number of shops and other restaurants.

Restaurant Eccolo in Berkeley

The ambiance is nice; the soft yellow lights and earthly tones create a relaxing atmosphere — until the noise level starts to rise. This seems to happen in most of the American restaurants, and at the end of the evening, you have speak very loudly to get yourself heard…

Unfortunately, the food is not very good. My starter salad tasted really funny, and I could swallow only three bites before deciding that it is not worth the try. The main course was better, duck ravioli, but their taste was blandish and the portion was really small., 1820 4th Street, Berkeley, CA, USA, +1 510 644 0444


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