Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed December, 2004)

G.W. Sundmans – Old charm

G.W. Sundman is one of the best restaurants in Helsinki, located next to the old market square. The restaurant has been carefully renovated in an old bourgeous home built by captain Gustaf Wilhelm Sundman – hence the name.

The atmosphere is very charming, the tables are distributed to several rooms, and the silverware creates feeling of being at the 19th century. The food is modern and excellent. Consider something Finnish, such as arctic charr, Finnish whitefish, pike, deer and ceps. The place has also a winecellar worth mentioning. If you are unsure, ask always attentive waiter to help with wine selection.

The restaurant is owned by Royal Ravintolat, a collection of quality restaurants in Helsinki.

G.W. Sundmans,, Eteläranta 16, Helsinki, +358 9 622 6410


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