Shopping, New York, NY, USA (reviewed November, 2008)

Dean & Deluca – Plethora of freshness

Dean & DeLuca is an institution in world of delis and grocery stores. A store worth visiting for everyone interested a bit of food, but a must for all gourmands visiting New York City. Dean, DeLuca and their staff have been serving gourmet food from all over the world over 30 years now.

Dean & Deluca store in lower Manhattan, New York, USA

The store is located in NYC downtown in SoHo district, next to a set of fashion concepts stores. The bulk of the floor space is occupied by normal grocery store that sells everything and between in food. There are several stalls for fresh meat, fish, sushi and so forth.

There is also a small place for eat the stuff inside the store, but it is usually quite crowded and there are no seats — to get people out quickly for releasing some space for the next ones., 560 Broadway (at the corner of Broadway and Prince Street), New York, NY, USA, +1 212 226 6800


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