Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland (reviewed July, 2005)

Boat House – Restaurant with a view

Palace Restaurants have been busy expanding their culinary empire in Helsinki. The latest addition to their collection is Boat House, a summer restaurant located at an islet hundred meters or so from the south bank of Kaivopuisto. The location couldn’t be any poshier — the boat leaves at the end of Kapteeninkatu, in Merisatama.

View from Restaurant Boat House

There is a small boat that takes you to the restaurant every half and hour or so. The fee of 3,50e is added to the bill, so don’t pay to the driver. Better have a reservation as otherwise you might have to pay for being turned away.

The food is normal better Finnish restaurant fare. Nothing extremely fancy, but no big disappointments either. The atmosphere is very relaxed, so you can leave your tie home. The view from the seaside tables is magnificent, especially during long Finnish summer nights, so try to get yourself seated there.

In our evening, the service was really slow. We had to wait for every meal and some of us left before the dessert was ordered. The staff was apologising this and handled the situation quite well afterwards., Liuskasaari (On an island near Café Carusel), Helsinki, Finland, +358 9 6227 1070,


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