Accommodation, Vienna, Austria (reviewed May, 2012)

Motel One – Simple, affordable, and yet designed

Motel One is a chain of inexpensive hotels mostly in German speaking countries — they do have a couple of hotels in Belgium and the UK. I spent a few nights in Vienna, next to Westbahnhof.

The hotel was very modern and airy, the room was surprisingly big and scarcely furnished, and the bed was big and comfortable. Also the bathroom was very well done with rain head shower. The room lacked all extra stuff that you see in hotel rooms, such as brochures, pens, envelopes, bibles, and so forth. But all that I needed was there.

My price included breakfast and free internet connection — and it was fast. The breakfast was surprisingly good for the price, I paid total around 220€ for three nights, with a number of hams, vegetables, buns, croissants, etc. in a buffet. No bacon, sausages or anything grilled — I eat surprisingly healthy hotel breakfasts., Europaplatz 3, Vienna, Austria, +43 135 9350


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