Shopping, Singapore (reviewed February, 2005)

Books Kinokuniya – The Biggest Bookstore in Singapore

Books Kinokuniya is the biggest bookstore in the island state. All needs are catered for, with a special attention to Japanese books. The Chinese section is also very impressive.

The store is located on the third floor in Ngee Ann City shopping mall, and its floor layout may be confusing before you’ve orientated yourself properly. Consider browsing photographic, design and art books., Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road 391, +(65) 6737 5021

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1. Thant Ko — Saturday, Dec 10 2005

I wish Kinokuniya bookstore can be opened in burma because we need many oversea knowledges and books.Bot now In Burma, we ca not buy oversea books which is so rarely.I wish
u can consider my saying. That is also a good market in Myanmar.Now In burma,If we want to buy a oversea book,that
is same as imposssible for us.

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