Restaurant, Espoo, Finland (reviewed October, 2005)

Kilim – Turkish delights

Restaurant Kilim is one of the rare Turkish restaurants in the greater Helsinki region. I have not counted various Kebab kiosks as restaurants, as there is a plethora of those and most of them are not worth mentioning. But Kilim certainly is.

The restaurant is located a little bit away from the centre of Tapiola, on the road towards Länsiväylä and Helsinki. It is still in walking distance, but you have to know the route, as the changes are that you won’t stumble there by accident. There is a map on their website.

During lunch hours the restaurant has a selection of various Turkish salads combined with a couple different main courses. You usually can’t help stuffing yourself so full that climbing stairs is painful. They have also an à la carte selection, but the price / quality ratio of the lunch is unbeatable.

The service is very personal and you can find the owner chatting and joking with the patrons — something that usually doesn’t happen in Finland., Revontulentie 1, Espoo, Finland, +358 9 464 656


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