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May 18 2015 Issue #1215

Ahvenanmaa visit

Our extended family – us and my parents – spent three days in Ahvenanmaa, as Aapo participated in a football tournament.

For those that don’t know, Ahvenanmaa is an autonomous part of Finland with its own legislation, heritage, and culture. The only official language is Swedish and the whole place is somewhat in between Finnish and Swedish cultures.

We took a very early charter bus to Turku to embark our ferry to Ahvenanmaa. After a few hours on the sea, we arrived in sunny Maarianhamina, the capital of Ahvenanmaa – population around 12,000 people. The town was compact and very clean. Finnish cities are not dirty compared to London or New York, but Maarianhamina was impeccably clean.

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Apr 13 Life, Travelling:

Ylläs travelogue

As stated in the previous entry, we spent our Easter holiday in Ylläs together with my parents. I was so busy having time out that I didn’t write anything from the fell, but now it is good time to fill that gap.

Mar 23 Life, Travelling:

To Ylläs on Friday

Easter is soon and this means that we embark to journey to Ylläs in Lapland. We have been enjoying snow in the springtime in Ylläs for four years in a row, so this is already a tradition.

Feb 28 Technology, Travelling:

DrupalCamp London 2015

I’ve been fortunate to participate in DrupalCamp London for three years in a row – actually, as long as the Camp has been organised. This year I also had a session about making meaning by open source contributions to people near and far. The slides can be found at Exove’s Slideshare channel.


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