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Jul 17 2015 Issue #1217

Riga travelogue

We have a habit of having a few days trip to an European city destination every summer. A couple of years ago we visited Pärnu, Estonia; last year Ljubljana, Slovenia; and this year Riga, Latvia.

We decided to drive to Riga, as it is around 300 kilometers from Tallinn – and it is relatively straightforward to get your car to Tallinn by a ferry. And inexpensive, too.

We left Espoo on Saturday morning and by noon we were in Tallinn. The drive took a bit more longer than anticipated, as there were a lot of roadworks on Latvian side. But we finally got to Riga and found the AirBnB apartment.

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Jun 25 Life, Travelling:

Midsummer in North Carelia

As we are building a new summer cottage, the old cottage is used by the builders during the weeks, and we haven’t felt that homely there – and thus we decided to go to my parents’ summer cottage to celebrate midsummer.

May 18 Life, Travelling:

Ahvenanmaa visit

Our extended family – us and my parents – spent three days in Ahvenanmaa, as Aapo participated in a football tournament.

Apr 13 Life, Travelling:

Ylläs travelogue

As stated in the previous entry, we spent our Easter holiday in Ylläs together with my parents. I was so busy having time out that I didn’t write anything from the fell, but now it is good time to fill that gap.


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