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Nov 27 2015 Issue #1221

eZ Conference 2015

I spent a week in Brooklyn, NY, to attend to eZ Conference 2015 in early November. A lot of things have happened after that trip, including Drupal 8 release party in Helsinki and DrupalCamp, both of them requiring quite a lot of my attention.

Anyhow, I flew in to New York with Finnair. Unfortunately, it was an older airplane and not the brand spanking new A350. But the flight was easy and also the waiting time in USA border control was tolerable.

I had booked an apartment through AirBnB, as it is way less expensive than a hotel, even for a single person. My apartment had a separate bedroom, quite big living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The neighbourhood was a bit rough looking and not in a positive way, but it looked worse than it was. There were plenty of grocery stores and small restaurants nearby, so my needs were well covered.

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Oct 22 Life, Travelling:

Between travels

After returning from Barcelona I’ve been mostly working and focusing our summer cottage project. Travelling front has been quite quiet on my behalf, only a quick day trip to Tallinn to have a couple of meetings. Rest of the family has spent almost a week in northern Finland, as it was a fall school holiday period a week ago. I stayed home to work, work, work.

Sep 29 Life, Technology, Travelling:

DrupalCon Barcelona

I spent the previous week in sunny Barcelona – albeit mostly inside in CCIB conference center – as my company Exove participated in DrupalCon Barcelona as a Diamond sponsor.

Aug 13 Life:

Quiet life

Finnish summer has been truly abysmal this year. July was cold and rainy, and a short heatwave and sunny weather arrived quite on time when I got back to work. Not nice – on the other hand, I could spend some quality time with coding…


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