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Nov 27 2016 Issue #1233

Christmas Parties

My company Exove has five offices, and we have a local Christmas party in each of them. So, I’ve been travelling lately on joyful manner.

The Christmas party season was kicked off in Oulu a week ago. I flew there together with my family that continued to Taivalkoski while I stayed in Oulu for the day and took the last plane back to Helsinki. I wouldn’t have been able to go to Taivalkoski on that evening anymore and it would have been pointless to visit there for a day.

The Oulu Christmas dinner was in restaurant Hugo. The food was exceptional and the service was very timely – until we were leaving and wanted to pay the bill. The guys had a lot of fun watching me trying to wave to the waiters with no avail. After ten minutes, I got someone’s attention and could proceed with paying. We fancied of just running out, but decided to act in civil fashion.

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I’m writing this on No. 1 Lounge in Heathrow, in between flights from Dublin and to Helsinki. I’ve spent the past week in Dublin, participating in the annual European DrupalCon.

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August was really uneventful on travelling front. No trips whatsoever; my time was spent in work, kids’ sport events, and in our summer house.


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