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Aug 31 2016 Issue #1230

No travels, soon to Dublin

August was really uneventful on travelling front. No trips whatsoever; my time was spent in work, kids’ sport events, and in our summer house.

Fortunately, the month was still international in nature, as we had guests from the UK, the Netherlands, and Serbia in our summer house. I acted as an host for Drupal community members that were either visiting Finland for fun or participating in DrupalCamp Finland.

Speaking of Drupal, I’ll spend a week in Dublin at the end of the month to participate in DrupalCon Europe.

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Jul 31 Life, Travelling:


Our whole family was on holiday during July. We had bought inexpensive flights to Pula, Croatia already early in the spring and set off on Saturday right after the last working day.

Jun 30 Life, Travelling:

Tallinn – Lohja – Pula

As mentioned in May, I spent a couple of days in Tallinn. The whole trip was business, business, business, so not much to tell you about it. This time I took my car with me to visit a bit more remote office and to bring some drinks back home to our new summer cabin.

May 31 Life, Travelling:

No travels in May

This past month was surprising quiet on travel front, no trips whatsoever.


A Section Explained: Photos

Photo gallery contains photographs that I have seen worth publishing from my collections shot in Finland and abroad.

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