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Jul 27 2014 Issue #1205

Slovenia Travelogue

We have traditionally spent a few days abroad every summer with the whole family. Last year we were in Pärnu and Kuressaare in Estonia, and this year we found ourselves in Slovenia.

The flights from Helsinki to Ljubljana were surprisingly inexpensive on Finnair, around 250 euros per adult and a little less per child.

As we are a family of five, accommodating everyone in a hotel is sometimes quite cumbersome and recently we have been looking for apartments instead. And it paid of in this trip, we found a really gorgeous apartment next to the old town. Two bedrooms, big living room and kitchen, and quite a spacious bathroom — we had plenty of space to spare.

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Jun 26 Life, Travelling:

Summer Trips

I’ve booked two trips for the summer. First, I go to Utrecht, Netherlands, to meet fellow Drupal executives in Drupal CXO. This takes a couple of days and kickstarts my annual holiday.

May 30 Life, Travelling:

Summer road trip

We’ve nailed down the details for our “epic” summer road trip. As a five member family with small children, the epicness is a relative concept.

Apr 29 Life, Travelling:

Skiing holiday in Ylläs

As in earlier years, we spent our Easter and week before it in Ylläs, the biggest ski resort in Finland (measured by vertical elevation, not number of beds — that would be Levi).


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