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Jan 20 2015 Issue #1211

New York Proper Travelogue

I’m writing this at an air plane going to Oslo, Norway. I was so busy at New York with holiday daily churn that I managed to write another chapter here. After the trip, we were properly jetlagged for several days, then we had a couple junior ice hockey tournaments and plenty of games, and finally work started.

So, here I am sitting at the plane on my way to a commercial open source partner meeting and trying to remember what happened in New York. I wrote already something on my short post at the end of December.

We visited both Guggenheim and MoMA, and found out that MoMA has become way better than Guggenheim. It used to be vice versa – at least in my personal opinion – but now Guggenheim didn’t have too many works from their permanent collection on display, and the exhibition was not that inspiring. On the other hand, MoMA had very good display of collections and several interesting exhibitions – and also a couple less exciting ones.

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Dec 28 Life, Travelling:

New York Travelogue

As said last month, we booked a trip to New York for Christmas. I’m writing this post from our absolutely fabulous Airbnb flat in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the unitiated, DUMBO is the hottest area right now in NYC, rough post-industrial area near southern Manhattan that is experiencing gentrification as we speak. There is a lot of old industrial buildings that are transformed into flats and offices, and also some new big buildings are being built. The area has not yet lost its rough edges, so it is quite an experience of old and new.

Nov 29 Travelling:

Christmas in New York

We have been dreaming of spending Christmas in New York, and finally it is happening this year! We booked our flights already a few months ago, got a nice apartment in Brooklyn from AirBnB, and bought a load of Christmas presents to kids from Amazon and other places.

Oct 23 Links, Travelling:

Autumn travels

I’m alive and well from DrupalCon. I must say that it was quite a trip, as usual. Six days of constant interaction with developers and business people takes its toll. I was hosting a panel and also a customer dinner on Tuesday and after I got these most important tasks done, I promptly fell sick. Fortunately, I had fever only during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, and could get myself in a decent shape with help of ibuprofen. Not the smartest thing to do, but there were no better choices. Had no after effects or anything, so I wasn’t too sick.


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