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Dec 31 2016 Issue #1234

Christmas in Lohja

Our family spent Christmas in our new summer house in Lohja. And we plan to spend also the New Year there plus several weeks next summer.

The place has reduced somewhat my needs to travel, as I’ve found tranquility and peacefulness there in similar manner as in travelling. It is quite interesting, as in the past I’ve felt these while travelling very far away, such as in the USA, Japan or Singapore.

But it seems that the 15-20 minutes driving the windling road towards our summer house is long enough transfer rite from the hectic day-to-day work life to laidback holiday life. I do hope that it stays like that in the future, too.

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My company Exove has five offices, and we have a local Christmas party in each of them. So, I’ve been travelling lately on joyful manner.

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A Section Explained: Travel Tips

Travelling is whole lot easier, if you know what are going to do and see. The needs of digital nomads differ from those of average Joes, and thus our travel tips concentrate on the key experiences on the some of the best places on the globe.

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