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Jan 31 2017 Issue #1235

Tallinn trip

I visited Tallinn, Estonia, on business on last week. The distance between Helsinki and Tallinn is mere 80 kilometers and ships that I frequent take two hours each way. And they leave every three hours from both Helsinki and Tallinn, so there is plenty of options.

But not during the last week, as Tallink put one of their ships to docks for repairs. They are bringing a new ship to the route, but it made its maiden voyage on Sunday and I had to be in Tallinn already on Thursday. Maybe it is a slow season now and they can cope with a single ship, departing every six hours.

I needed to be in Tallinn early in the morning and until evening, and the timetables were really bad. So I decided to take a slower ship and spend my night at the ship.

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Dec 31 Life:

Christmas in Lohja

Our family spent Christmas in our new summer house in Lohja. And we plan to spend also the New Year there plus several weeks next summer.

Nov 27 Life, Travelling:

Christmas Parties

My company Exove has five offices, and we have a local Christmas party in each of them. So, I’ve been travelling lately on joyful manner.

Oct 31 Life, Travelling:

Family Day in Oulu

I visited Oulu briefly during the weekend to participate on Exove’s family day at our Oulu office.


A Section Explained: Travel Tips

Travelling is whole lot easier, if you know what are going to do and see. The needs of digital nomads differ from those of average Joes, and thus our travel tips concentrate on the key experiences on the some of the best places on the globe.

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