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Aug 31 2017 Issue #1242

Autumn is travel season

August is ending and my hiatus with travelling seems to be over. I visited Tampere today, enjoyed my company’s Tampere office family day, and will fly to Oulu for a couple of days early next week.

Then there is DrupalCon Europe, as every autumn. This year the event takes place in Vienna that I’ve visited last time several years ago. It is a good time to come back to that city. Albeit I won’t be seeing it too much, as most of the time is spent inside the exhibition center.

And in October the whole Kalliola family will be visiting Madrid during the school autumn holiday. None of us have been in Madrid yet, so we are expecting a lot from that trip – museums, cafés, some shopping, and hopefully a football match.

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Jul 31 Life, Travelling:

Visiting Tarto, Estonia

We have had a tradition for several years to travel abroad once during our summer holidays. This year, we decided to do some local travelling and visited Tarto in southern Estonia.

Jun 30 Life, Travelling:

Working hard at the summer cabin

June went past so quickly. In the past years, June has been a month that Finland gradually settles into holiday mode, as the traditional Finnish holiday season starts in midsummer. Recently, the holiday starting dates have been moving towards central European tradition and this week was one of the busiest I’ve ever had. Fortunately due to good things only.

May 27 Life, Travelling:

Drupal events

After the previous update, I’ve attended to numerous Drupal events as an organiser or speaker or both.


A Section Explained: Travel Tips

Travelling is whole lot easier, if you know what are going to do and see. The needs of digital nomads differ from those of average Joes, and thus our travel tips concentrate on the key experiences on the some of the best places on the globe.

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