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Mar 17 2017 Issue #1237

Visit to Viimsi Spa

My travels for the past five years or so have been either with the whole family or alone on work trips. I and my wife haven’t got the chance to spend some quality time together abroad since our trip to Amsterdam probably eight years ago.

So the expectations were quite high last weekend, when we dropped off children to my younger sister and headed to Viimsi Spa in Estonia. We took a fast Tallink ship to Tallinn and then drove with taxi ten kilometers or so to Viimsi peninsula north of Tallinn.

I must have been quite loyal customer to Tallink, as they send me a coupon to redeem business lounge seats for two people with eight euros per person per direction. The price without the discount would have been whopping 410€ and now it was merely 32€ – the discount was around 92%!

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The last week was a winter holiday week in the southern Finland, and our family spent it skiing – both downhill and cross-country.

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Tallinn trip

I visited Tallinn, Estonia, on business on last week. The distance between Helsinki and Tallinn is mere 80 kilometers and ships that I frequent take two hours each way. And they leave every three hours from both Helsinki and Tallinn, so there is plenty of options.

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Christmas in Lohja

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