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Mar 31 2014 Issue #1201

DrupalCamp Stockholm

Mere two weeks from DrupalCamp London, and I was on the road again due to DrupalCamp Stockholm. This time I had two sessions, one individual and one shared with Wauwaa’s Laurent Chollat. If you are interested in the slides, go to Exove’s Slideshare channel.

Besides one truly good and inspiring day at the local camp, Stockholm is always a fun city to spend a day or so. I arrived early on Friday — the camp was on Saturday — and spent part of the day with fellow Drupalists. And also writing a couple of offers and spending some time in telco. Thus no much time for shopping, but I’ve already discussed with my wife that we could come as a whole family to Stockholm during summer.

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Feb 28 Technology, Travelling:

DrupalCamp London

I’m currently at London, attending DrupalCamp London. Today is a CXO day and the next two days are full of Drupal goodness and meeting a lot of people.

Jan 26 Life, Travelling:

Abu Dhabi + golf

I spent the previous week in Abu Dhabi together with a team from a golf related startup that I’ve been helping quite a lot through my company.

Dec 29 Life, Travelling:

Anniversary in Mauritius

We have been married over ten years now and celebrated our anniversary with a trip to a beach resort. We have visited Caribbean both on our honeymoon and five year anniversary, but this time our travel agency Helin Matkat advised to go to the Indian Ocean instead.


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