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Jun 25 2015 Issue #1216

Midsummer in North Carelia

As we are building a new summer cottage, the old cottage is used by the builders during the weeks, and we haven’t felt that homely there – and thus we decided to go to my parents’ summer cottage to celebrate midsummer.

There was also another practical reason. We left Aapo and Niilo there for a week and took only our youngest, Seela, back with us to Espoo. As we are still working during the days, this is win-win-win for us, the boys, and the grandparents. Sanna will pick them up enroute to Taivalkoski; she’ll leave with Seela on Friday for a week and I continue working in Espoo.

Weather has not been very nice during this summer, there has not been actually a single really warm day in Finland. The same trend continued throughout the weekend – except briefly on Saturday when the sun shone warmly for a couple of hours. Other than that, we had great time. A lot of sauna, the usual midsummer bonfire, and good discussions with people.

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May 18 Life, Travelling:

Ahvenanmaa visit

Our extended family – us and my parents – spent three days in Ahvenanmaa, as Aapo participated in a football tournament.

Apr 13 Life, Travelling:

Ylläs travelogue

As stated in the previous entry, we spent our Easter holiday in Ylläs together with my parents. I was so busy having time out that I didn’t write anything from the fell, but now it is good time to fill that gap.

Mar 23 Life, Travelling:

To Ylläs on Friday

Easter is soon and this means that we embark to journey to Ylläs in Lapland. We have been enjoying snow in the springtime in Ylläs for four years in a row, so this is already a tradition.


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