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May 27 2017 Issue #1239

Drupal events

After the previous update, I’ve attended to numerous Drupal events as an organiser or speaker or both.

The first one was the main event in the Northern America, DrupalCon Baltimore. I’ve been helping Drupal Association in Europe several years by being a track chair for the business track, and this was my first American DrupalCon as a track chair. And also my second American DrupalCon overall, the first one was in Chicago in 2011.

There are no direct flights from Helsinki to Baltimore or Washington DC, so I flew to New York and took a train to Baltimore. I was able to combine a couple of business meeting in the Big Apple, so it was not just a detour.

More in Journal

Apr 17 Life, Travelling:

Skiing Trip

We’ve just returned from our traditional Easter skiing trip from Ylläs – the biggest skiing resort in Finland. We spent total nine days on the slopes.

Mar 17 Life, Travelling:

Visit to Viimsi Spa

My travels for the past five years or so have been either with the whole family or alone on work trips. I and my wife haven’t got the chance to spend some quality time together abroad since our trip to Amsterdam probably eight years ago.

Feb 28 Life, Travelling:

Skiing trip up north

The last week was a winter holiday week in the southern Finland, and our family spent it skiing – both downhill and cross-country.


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