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Aug 13 2015 Issue #1218

Quiet life

Finnish summer has been truly abysmal this year. July was cold and rainy, and a short heatwave and sunny weather arrived quite on time when I got back to work. Not nice – on the other hand, I could spend some quality time with coding…

We stayed the rest of our holidays at home and in the neighbourhood – once ventures 150 kilometers west to Turku, but that was about it. Instead, I’ve been planning a number of trips on late August, September, and November. I’ll participate a couple of Drupal events in Tallinn and Barcelona and then will be speaking in New York at the beginning of November.

Waiting for those trips, will provide travelogues after the fact.

More in Journal

Jul 17 Travelling:

Riga travelogue

We have a habit of having a few days trip to an European city destination every summer. A couple of years ago we visited Pärnu, Estonia; last year Ljubljana, Slovenia; and this year Riga, Latvia.

Jun 25 Life, Travelling:

Midsummer in North Carelia

As we are building a new summer cottage, the old cottage is used by the builders during the weeks, and we haven’t felt that homely there – and thus we decided to go to my parents’ summer cottage to celebrate midsummer.

May 18 Life, Travelling:

Ahvenanmaa visit

Our extended family – us and my parents – spent three days in Ahvenanmaa, as Aapo participated in a football tournament.


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