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Feb 28 2015 Issue #1212

DrupalCamp London 2015

I’ve been fortunate to participate in DrupalCamp London for three years in a row – actually, as long as the Camp has been organised. This year I also had a session about making meaning by open source contributions to people near and far. The slides can be found at Exove’s Slideshare channel.

The camp is one of the largest DrupalCamps in the world and probably the largest in Europe, this weekend it hosted in total around 600 people. It is always good fun to see a lot of familiar faces and enjoy excellent discussions spiced with some sessions. I even ended up in sprints to help in a JavaScript questions the coders had.

Besides DrupalCamp, I’ve been meeting prospects and clients – we’ve been working on the UK market for a few months now, and our story has a very good traction. Of course, it takes a lot of time to convince people to buy systems from a newcomer, but we are extremely patient.

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Jan 20 Life, Travelling:

New York Proper Travelogue

I’m writing this at an air plane going to Oslo, Norway. I was so busy at New York with holiday daily churn that I managed to write another chapter here. After the trip, we were properly jetlagged for several days, then we had a couple junior ice hockey tournaments and plenty of games, and finally work started.

Dec 28 Life, Travelling:

New York Travelogue

As said last month, we booked a trip to New York for Christmas. I’m writing this post from our absolutely fabulous Airbnb flat in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the unitiated, DUMBO is the hottest area right now in NYC, rough post-industrial area near southern Manhattan that is experiencing gentrification as we speak. There is a lot of old industrial buildings that are transformed into flats and offices, and also some new big buildings are being built. The area has not yet lost its rough edges, so it is quite an experience of old and new.

Nov 29 Travelling:

Christmas in New York

We have been dreaming of spending Christmas in New York, and finally it is happening this year! We booked our flights already a few months ago, got a nice apartment in Brooklyn from AirBnB, and bought a load of Christmas presents to kids from Amazon and other places.


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