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Jul 31 2017 Issue #1241

Visiting Tarto, Estonia

We have had a tradition for several years to travel abroad once during our summer holidays. This year, we decided to do some local travelling and visited Tarto in southern Estonia.

As Tarto is quite near, we decided to take our car over the gulf and drive there. The other considered option was to take train from Tallinn to Tarto and back. Probably it would have been cheaper, as the trains are very inexpensive in Estonia and we didn’t really need the car for anything on our trip – it was parked in a garage for the whole time we were in Tarto.

We had reserved a suite with a separate bedroom in the newest hotel (V Hotell) in Tarto. It has also the very first indoor hotel spa in the town, so this was an obvious choice for family with children. We ended up visiting the space every morning and evening. The spa had several pools with all kinds of fancy water streams, hot tubs, and four saunas.

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Jun 30 Life, Travelling:

Working hard at the summer cabin

June went past so quickly. In the past years, June has been a month that Finland gradually settles into holiday mode, as the traditional Finnish holiday season starts in midsummer. Recently, the holiday starting dates have been moving towards central European tradition and this week was one of the busiest I’ve ever had. Fortunately due to good things only.

May 27 Life, Travelling:

Drupal events

After the previous update, I’ve attended to numerous Drupal events as an organiser or speaker or both.

Apr 17 Life, Travelling:

Skiing Trip

We’ve just returned from our traditional Easter skiing trip from Ylläs – the biggest skiing resort in Finland. We spent total nine days on the slopes.


A Section Explained: Photos

Photo gallery contains photographs that I have seen worth publishing from my collections shot in Finland and abroad.

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