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Sep 23 2014 Issue #1207

Amsterdam Calling

In a couple of days (three, in fact) I’ll be going to Amsterdam to spend a week at DrupalCon Europe. My company is a platinum sponsor of the event, and I’ll be talking, breathing, and living Drupal for one very intensive week.

Travelwise, it has been a while since I’ve been in Amsterdam for good. I was there briefly in 2012 — again in a Drupal event — but spent most of the trip near the airport and visited the city only for one dinner at a restaurant near the central railway station. The previous occasion was 2009 — very good trip, only me and Sanna; kids stayed home with grandparents…

Anyhow, this time I’ve got a weekend to both stroll around the city and network with fellow Drupalists. It is always a pleasure to have some free time to discuss and reflect things, especially after spending this week hectically organising everything and between related to DrupalCon.

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Aug 21 Life:

Back to work and school

The end of summer is near, and our family is back at work and school. Thus, there are less possibilities for travelling in the near future.

Jul 27 Life, Travelling:

Slovenia Travelogue

We have traditionally spent a few days abroad every summer with the whole family. Last year we were in Pärnu and Kuressaare in Estonia, and this year we found ourselves in Slovenia.

Jun 26 Life, Travelling:

Summer Trips

I’ve booked two trips for the summer. First, I go to Utrecht, Netherlands, to meet fellow Drupal executives in Drupal CXO. This takes a couple of days and kickstarts my annual holiday.


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